Supply Chain Management and Procurement


FOTW is committed to undertaking its activities in a way that meets the interests and concerns of our clients and employees. The Directors are committed to ensuring these undertakings are met and that appropriate supply chain methods, controls and reporting guidelines are adopted and implemented.

The Directors recognise that, as part of FOTW’s Business Strategy, we will improve our supplier management, enabling us to drive cost reductions, efficiencies & added value for improved business performance. We are committed to this approach, which will deliver positive business contribution and variation.


The Supply Chain Management Policy for FOTW is:

  • The company will divide its supplier base into a number of Key Trades for each department within the company.
  • Suppliers will be ranked depending on the relationship and past history they have with FOTW
  • Wherever possible, FOTW will use suppliers who have been pre-selected based on an open evaluation against specific criteria e.g. costs, lead times, factory conditions and audits (if offshore), quality, dependability, problem solving, product variety, product test certificates, stock availability and flexible attitude in the factories when extra shifts are needed to meet deadlines (adhering to working time directives)
  • The Supply Chain is intended to operate in an integrated way and thereby deliver consistent best quality, whilst maintaining the best standards and costs for our clients.
  • When selected, Preferred Suppliers will offer FOTW our own dedicated account manager which will oversee any orders placed with that specific supplier, keep FOTW informed of any issues that may arise within the supply chain and offer immediate solutions, inform us of new product lines and any new technology implemented on the factory floor and continually update us of any work in progress.
  • In return, FOTW anticipates that these Preferred Suppliers will always submit the most economic costing, work safely and continuously improve their delivery performance.
  • Performance of the Supply Chain will be monitored and reported regularly.


Overall accountability for the implementation of the supply chain management policy rests with FOTW directors and responsibilities will be delegated as appropriate to account managers

The Company is committed to implementing this policy throughout its operations in accordance with company approved procedures and guidelines.


FOTW is committed to continual improvement of its business performance. This policy statement will be reviewed regularly and amended with any improvements as necessary.

Dated: 01.03.2013 Jamie Smith